2D Computed Tomography

The X-ray tomographic solution to analyze tires

CyXplus solutions get cut cross section tires, inspect all their angles but does not destroy tires or even touch them.
Yesterday, the inspection of cut tires was dedicated for R & D departments whom spent hours cutting, polishing and then manually measure critical aspects of tire slices. Then, to increase profitability and save time, CyXplus developed CyXscan to scan material cut tires. After calibration and with the help of powerful software measurement, the purpose of the CyXscan system is to allow the laboratory or the Q.A. engineering to check tire cross sections that are cut every day in sampling coming from the production line. CyXscan is a very important step and it’s very appreciated by tire manufacturers but this is only the first step. With their expertise in the field of X-ray in-line inspection, CyXplus engineers have developed the missing link: an online machine which can provide in a few seconds images of tires cross section without destroying tires: 2D computed tomography is there!

As part of benefits of the CyXplus Computed Tomography solution, the time taken for cross section was cut from hundreds of minutes to less than 3 minutes (inspection acquisition, reconstruction and detection), which means the process can now be moved from labs to production lines. We could number of advantages for using tomography: it’ll address problems that can’t be seen by a classical x-ray like measurement of internal parts of the sample; it could replace destructive testing operations, thereby reducing some testing costs and time and product-loss costs; and by bringing this system to the plant as a regular inspection process, it’ll make testing more important than it is today at key times such as the early stages of the production process for prompt identification of defects.

When CyXplus decided to launch this new machine, we defined the objective parameters such as the following to obtain the best compromise between the efficiency of the machine and the investment for the client: Acquisition time shorter than 1 minute, Wide range of tires to be inspected, High resolution for measurement and inspection, Optimized cycle time for 4 images of the same tire (less than 8 minutes including tire handling and image analyzing), Shooting voltage low as possible (less constraints than high voltage regarding radioprotection, installation and maintenance) And last but not least, CyXplus Computed Tomography solution uses the same HMI than CyXscan! This allows the user to know CyXscan quickly take hold of the new machine!

Now, Tire 2D tomography by CyXplus is running !

  • Acquisition time shorter than 1 minute
  • Accuracy: 200 to 400µm
  • Cycle time for 1 image  (including tire handling and image analyzing): less than 3 minutes
  • Cycle time for 4 images of the same tire (including tire handling and image analyzing): less than 8 minutes
  • Shooting voltage lower than 450kV (less constraints than high voltage regarding radioprotection, installation and maintenance)

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