ATEX Equipment

Lecteur TAG UHFDesign and implementation of automated systems in hazardous area
The business of CyXplus in the ATEX industry is to design, build and sell equipment to be deployed in small series at customer industrial centers. CyXplus can support project management integrating new technologies and retrofit old installations.
This activity is associated with services of undertaking contracts for integration, validation and commissioning of complete systems for process automation in hazardous areas (ATEX Zone 1 & Zone 2 Gas environment).

Examples of applications for which CyXplus studied, undertook contracts or ensured commissioning of multiple duplications :

Automated systems

  • Automated filling system for LPG 13 Kg-bottles with weight control
  • Automated bulk loading facilities of LPG products for trucks and wagons
  • Level Detection devices for LPG storage in spherical tanks
  • Alarm and Safety management devices for LPG filling centers

Automated control systems

  • Leak Detection check equipment by piezoelectric valve on LPG bottles fitted with taps
  • Leak Detection check equipment by piezoelectric valve and infra-red sensor on LPG bottles fitted with valves
  • Over Filling Check equipment using gamma source and detector
  • Logos and banners presence check equipment using smart camera
  • Corrosion check equipment for metallic cylinders using smart camera and image processing

GasTraceability devices in hazardous area

  • CyXplus was a pioneer in the introduction of RFID solutions (HF and UHF) in ATEX Gas environment
  • Study of the integration of RFID Tags in new generation of LPG bottles
  • UHF and HF Tag readers in ATEX Zone 1 Gas environment
  • Reader / Encoder device for contactless badges in in ATEX Zone 1 Gas environment
  • Ink jet printing device for new generation of LPG bottles in ATEX zone 1 Gas environment

These systems are subject to certification by French notified bodies such as INERIS or LCIE.

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