X-Ray & Computed Tomography


Compared to camera-based machine vision systems, X-ray digital radiography allows inspection of the internal structure of objects, as well as small parts in complex assemblies, mechanisms or medical devices. The X-ray images are processed by an Automatic Defect Detection or ADR software performing controls according to tolerances required by the customer. That means products can be automatically inspected and sorted on the production line. It is particularly valuable for high value- added products, such as complex assemblies or in industries requiring high Quality parts.
However, X-ray radiography technology is limited in providing a full accurate inspection due to the 2D projection technique. Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) consists in acquiring 2D images from many different angles, which are used by the 3D reconstruction software to build a volume of the inspected part by “stacking” the images. In this way, the volume can be viewed and inspected at all angles, allowing Quality inspection, measurement etc. in the entire volume.

Principe TomographieBenefits

Fast in-process CT helps industrial users manufacturing high-value added parts or critical parts for the automotive, aeronautics, pharmaceutical and other industries, improve the Quality and the performance level of their parts, as well as the manufacturing process by increasing the number of control points.
It also provides a high degree of confidence in the product and a competitive advantage.

Typical controls

  • Material defect detection: porosities, inclusions, cracks, voids…
  • Measurement: internal structure, surface, CAD comparison…
  • Assembly inspection: missing parts, bonding, adjustment…
  • Composites: fibers orientation, porosities, delamination…

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