Séries CyXCT

CyXCT+ series :

Standard solution designed to meet most requirements.

Take advantage of digital solutions :

  • Speed: Reduction of inspection cycle length,
  • Environmentally friendly: No chemicals used in the development process,
  • Simplified data processing and archiving.

Meet the challenges of your production :

  • Aerospace industry compliant software (ASTM E 2737)
  • Ability to create an automatic acquisition cycle using 5-axis motorized manipulation
  • Ergonomic and intuitive interface for operators,
  • Accelerate interpretation with filters and image processing presets.

Customize the cabinet according to your needs :

  • The components of the X-ray chain can be adapted to requirements in terms of image quality and cycle time,
  • 3 cabinet sizes (one with a large load capacity) are available, both with easy access.
  • Several standard or custom options available

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