Solutions for digital switchover

Retrofit of an equipment, by replacement of the film by a digital flat panel

Take advantage of digital solutions :

  • Quickness: Reduction of the inspection cycle length,
  • Respect for the environment: No chemical products used for the development process,
  • Simplification of both data processing and archival.


Quickly upgrade you current equipment  from film to digital technology :

  • Use of digital detector array: large choice of active area (up to 40cm x 40cm) and pixel size (from 50µm to 200µm).
  • Re-use of your existing equipment, as much as possible
  • Global solution including both sofware and mechanical matters, from acquisition to interpretation


Get a compliant software with current standards and norms in aerospace industry :

  • Ergonomic and intuitive interface for the operators,
  • Functions  including zoom, window width and level, cropping, rotation, pan, direct access to the Look Up Table, Automatic raw image saving, Bad Pixel Map,
  • Statistical tools for Signal, Noise and Contrast measurement
  • Image enhancement filters, possibility to save a sequence, to add a comment


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