CYXPERT – Automatic defect detection

CyXplus, as expert …

With over 25 years of experience and around 80 inspection systems installed in tire manufacturing plants worldwide, CyXplus has designed CyXpert software for image analysis and automatic defect detection.

Why ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition) ?

ADR software  gives the customer a better optimization of its X-ray inspection machine. By analyzing tire X-RAY images as a background task, CyXpert does not affect the machine cycle time. The average cycle time measured by our customers for PCR machines equipped with CyXpert is less than 22 seconds in Automatic mode. Who can do more can do less… CyXpert can also work in semi-automatic mode and let the operator validate the choice of the system.

What kind of defects are detected and recognized by CyXpert ?

Thanks to a 0.4 mm accuracy, defects on the tread section, sidewall and bead areas cannot escape the vigilance of CyXpert. The impressive list of detectable defects, as a result of CyXplus engineering listening to customer needs, is regularly updated with new features. The main requests for detection are distances between consecutive belts, between cords, between the ply turn up chafers edges, but also cord angle, cord integrity failure,  number of cords,  belt extraction, foreign materials, air traps, etc…

A real tool for metrology

Detections and measurement tools (measurement of length, angle, surface…) rely on calibration data. The calibration permits to obtain real millimetric measurements instead of pixel values, thanks to a dedicated module that allows finding the magnification ratio between pixels and mm in the different areas of the tire.
Thus, each analyzed image can be saved with the related recipe and the associated calibration ratio, allowing further online inspection or offline analysis from a stand-alone PC equipped with a CyXpert licence.

CyXpert: only designed for CyXplus Machines ?

Because of the heterogeneity of the market and in order to allow as many users as possible to take advantages of the latest ADR features, CyXpert application is designed for easy set up and use on X-Ray machines with digital imaging capabilities and a high level of mechanical repeatability. This means CyXpert works certainly very well on all CyXplus PCR, TBR and OTR X-Ray machines, but it can also be interfaced with other eligible tire X-RAY inspection machines.

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