Custom installations

Based on validated technology building blocks, CyXplus supplies customized installations in Low Energy up to 450kV, but also in High Energy, by the integration of Linear Accelerators from 2 MeV to 9 MeV.

High-Energy imaging

High-Energy imaging

  • Imaging kits for both X-ray and computed tomography
  • Large samples with an overall thickness up to 1200mm
  • High density (steel or Inconel alloys) characterization and segmentation
  • Resolution improved thanks to a small focal spot

BEAMVIEW includes X-ray linear accelerators from PMB, CyXview imaging solution from CyXplus, as well as overall automation. CyXview imaging offers two possibilities: acquisition and 2D image processing (CyXray software) or in 3D (CyXCT software).

CyXCT allows to inspect parts, made in wide range of materials : plastics, alloys, ceramic, composites. Computed Tomography can provide a 3D-reconstructed volume for defects detection, measurements, surfaces extraction from volumetric data or by extracting cross-sectional images. The cross-section plan is selected by the user, it is then possible to make measurements on it.

CyXray : 2D X-ray software

CyXray : 2D X-ray software.

CyXray is a powerful and ergonomic 2D X-ray acquisition and visualization application.

Detector management in background upon PLC order
Acquisition, offset, gain, bad pixels correction
Software or hardware correction of gain/offset/bad pixels
Multi-mode acquisition (simple, integrated, sequence..)
Actions when ending acquisition (flip, display of saturation level, image back-up, transfer to another software…)
Bad pixels management (display of the mapping, classification, display on the image)

Image processing & visualization
Brightness, contrast, customized LUT ...

CyXCT : 3D X-ray software

CyXCT : 3D X-ray software

CyXCT is a powerful and user-friendly 3D X-ray Computed Tomography software embedding calibration, reconstruction and visualization modules.

CyXCT is a powerful and user-friendly Computed Tomography software embedding calibration, reconstruction and visualization modules.

Analytical & Iterative reconstruction algorithms
> 64 bits, no data size limit at input
> Iterative algorithms for superior image quality and reduction of acquisitions (e.g. for in-process inspection)

High-resolution, real-time volume and surface rendering
> Orthogonal or user-specific cut planes
> Advanced segmentation & voxel measurement (points, segments, angles, circles)
> Post-process data in 3D: metal artifact reduction
> Certified mesh export (triangles with perfect shapes, no missing ones) in SURF, STL, POINTS and OBJ

Certified calibration tool tailored for reconstruction parameters acquisition
> Real Image Viewer for image processing
> Sophisticated software feature for multi-GPUs acceleration
> Import data: all well-renowned professional file formats
> Export data: HR slices in multiple image formats, DICOM, video… Surface extraction and simplification
> Compliant with expert metrology software and 3D CAD Comparison