X-Ray Inspection Machines

CyXplus inspection machine

CyXplus inspection machine perform in-line inspection of radial tires. CyXplus provides a complete range of X-Ray inspection machines for radial tires and body plies.


  • X-Ray inspection of PCR tires (short range): ID 13 – 21’’
  • X-Ray inspection of PCR tires: ID 12 – 25’’
  • X-Ray inspection of TBR tires: ID 15 – 27’’


Targeting a short cycle time, our PCR and TBR machines are based on horizontal position of the tire during the whole process. This design allows:

  • to reduce the cycle time
  • to avoid shape distortion and to guarantee high quality images
  • to decrease the maintenance costs with less mechanical manipulator
  • to make more compact lead booth to save space


CyXplus solutions can be used in automatic mode or in manual mode:

  • Automatic operation: after selection of automatic operation mode, the working cycle will be performed automatically.
  • Manual operation: this type of operation for maintenance or specific procedure allows operating all functions manually.

X-Ray inspection of body plies

800mm &1400 mm max width :

Other tires X-ray inspections :

  • X-Ray inspection of OTR tires: ID 20 – 35’’
  • X-Ray inspection of OTR tires: ID 25 – 51’’
  • X-Ray inspection of OTR tires: ID 39 – 72’’

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