Manufacture of X-ray inspection machines

CyXplus has been specialising since its creation in O&G applications, process automation in ATEX environments. The ATEX Directive is a legal requirement in all EU Member States for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

CyXplus develops applications for analyzing the complex structure of flexible riser layers and assesses the integrity of these pipes. Our NDT team can offer extensive expertise to define new inspection methods in the oil and gas industry for the most demanding applications.

The high energy platform (up to 15 MV) and the associated expertise in X-ray and digital tomography have become one of CyXplus’ core businesses.

CyXplus develops and manufactures machines for dedicated O&G applications:

  • Inspection by computerized umbilical computed tomography;
  • X-ray inspection apparatus for polymer pipes;
  • Inspection of rigid tubes by 2D X-ray and CT scan;
  • X-ray inspection/underwater tomography;
  • Inspection by computed tomography on rope.

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